History of Scripture Union in Japan

Nov. 1883, Scripture Union was introduced by Adelaide Whitney, an American schoolgirl who was exposed to SU whilst staying in London. She and some of the Japanese Christian leaders with whom she has been acquainted with, started SU work as "Seisho no Tomo"(Friends of the Bible). She acted as national secretary at the age of 16 then and helped SU until her early death in 1896, as Mrs. Lang. Her husband was an Anglican medical missionary in Japan.

Seisho no Tomo was launched at the meeting to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther.

1942, during the war, the entire record of "Seisho no Tomo" were confiscated by the secret police.


A new beginning.....

1953, Mr. Funaki Jun-ichi, principal of Japan Bible Seminary was very concerned about the weakness of the Japanese churches as few read their Bibles regularly. He approached likeminded Christian leaders to discuss starting a daily Bible note. As a result, with the help of 2 friends, he started as an editor in preparing Japanese translations of the SU Daily Bread.

1955, Inceptions of Seisho Domei, a literal translation of Scripture Union. Mr. Funaki Jun-ichi became the organizing secretary. The "Mikotobano Hikari"(Light of the Word) notes were published from January 1955.

Brigade and Pioneer Girls organizations form a new Association of Bible Clubs for Junior High Students(CSK). CSK organized the first junior high students camp working with 10 churches. Camping ministry has grown steadily.

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