Please pray for 3 visions of Japan SU

(1) Reading through the whole Bible

We are publishing the Adult's Daily Notes("Mikotobano Hikari" i.e. Light of the Word) and Youth Daily Notes ("Junior Mikotobano Hikari")

About 5,700 are reading the Adult's Notes and 2,000 the Youth Notes. We are hoping to increase it to 7,000 and 3,000 respectively.Please pray for our editors Rev. Tadashi Oyamada (Adult), Mr. Hideyuki Takahashi (Junior).

We are also publishing a newsletter once every 4 months circulated to about 1,500 churches in Japan for free.

Rev. Tadashi Oyamada, our General Secretary, together with our staff workers visit churches and conduct seminars on "How to read the Bible".


(2) Evangelising the Youth

We organize camps for the junior high and senior high students during summer and spring in Tokyo and Kansai. Counselors, comprising of volunteers from local churches are normally trained before the camps. However, the number of campers has been decreasing, mainly because those who have attended our camps usually use our camps as a model and then start their own camps.


Camping Ministry...

1. Junior High Camps(age 13-15)

These were normally held during the summer and spring breaks. Unfortunately, participants have been decreasing. We used to have 4 camps in the summer, but it has now been reduced to one.


2. Junior High Out-field Camp

Originally started for boys, this camp had also attracted the girls. It is more adventurous in nature and held only during the summer break. Activities include mountain/rock climbing, archery, handicraft and trekking to name a few.


3. Senior High Camp(age 16-18)

The emphasis for this camp is Bible Study. However, we had to shorten the Bible study hours lately due to the short attention span of partisipants.


4. Junior & Senior High Camp in Kansai

In Kansai, we only have one camp where both the junior and senior high students attend. We are using the campsite of a local church in Awaji Island. Rev. Yoshihiro Matsuda who has a burden for the young people, has served as advisor for this camp for a few years now.

We also conduct training seminars for teachers and staff for the Junior High students of the local churches.


(3) Establishing good Christian homes

This ministry is still in its early stage. It came about partly due to the increasing divorce rate in Japan, even in churches. We have to date published a book on "How to develop a happy marriage". Please pray with us for the direction of this new ministry.

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